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The Ring



Getting married is a huge step to take in any relationship. Even if you’ve been living together for some time, even if you already have a family together, “tying the knot” adds an extra dimension - it sweetens and strengthens the bonds which you already share.


Why marry in church?

Marrying in church makes that step even more meaningful, adding a spiritual aspect to the vows you make, and enabling all those people you love to pray with you as you are joined in marriage.

A perfect setting

All four of our church buildings are beautiful, atmospheric and unique, with lovely grounds and a warm welcome too - we would love to help you plan your wedding day. 


Will I be able to marry in church?

If you or your parents live in the parish, or you have a connection to the parish church (for example if you were baptised in the church) you will normally be able to marry in the church. Even if you have no connection with the church or the parish, depending on how soon you wish to marry, it may still be possible for you to do so.


Taking time to get to know you

We do our best to really get to know you as a couple so that we can tailor the service and the day, making it a really joyful experience, with everything running smoothly.


We will be delighted to talk through what music you would like, the vows you will make, the “feel” of your day (some couples want a more traditional feel, others want their wedding to feel less formal). 


Get in touch!

Whether you’re exploring the possibility of a church wedding or whether you’ve already decided, we will be delighted to hear from you to talk about it and answer any questions you may have. Please contact us for information about fees and we will be happy to advise you.

Email our Benefice Administrator.

Happy Couple

Same-Sex Marriages

Sadly, the Church of England does not permit same sex marriages to be conducted in its churches at present.


Therefore, as things stand, a same sex marriage conducted in our churches would not take legal effect.


In our churches at the West Worcester Beacon, we hope and pray that this will soon change, and commit ourselves to being allies to those in the LGBTQ+ community. 

Two Brides
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