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Wedding by Rev Kalantha
Funeral Hearse

At West Worcester Beacon we believe in commemorating life's most important moments with grace and reverence, making each occasion a truly memorable and special experience. We understand that life is full of important milestones, and we are here to help you commemorate them with meaning.


Whether you are looking to celebrate a joyous occasion such as a wedding or baptism or you are seeking comfort and support during a difficult time such as a funeral, we offer a welcoming and peaceful environment to honour these events. Our experienced and compassionate team are dedicated to making each occasion a truly memorable and special experience, and we are honoured to be a part of your life's journey.


We believe that celebrating life's most important events is an opportunity to strengthen our relationships with one another and with God, and we look forward to sharing these moments with you.



Baptism is a wonderful way to give thanks for your child, to welcome them into your family and into the wider community, and to celebrate together. Having your child baptised means that you say “Yes” to the gift of God’s love and guidance in their life. It means that you commit to praying for them and helping them to live well. Find out more about baptism and beginning the journey of discovering God's love.


Marrying in church adds a meaningful and spiritual aspect to the vows you make, and enables all your loved ones to pray with you as you are joined in marriage. All four of our church buildings are beautiful, atmospheric and unique, with lovely grounds and a warm welcome too! Whether you’re exploring the possibility of a church wedding or you’ve already decided, we would be delighted to hear from you.


We understand how difficult and exhausting arranging the funeral of a loved one can be. We can help you to arrange a funeral that is genuinely personal and comforting. We can conduct funerals in our church buildings, at a local crematorium or at a graveside. We conduct both burial services and cremation services. Supporting you and honouring the memory of the person who has died is our priority.

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